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    Roman Novozhilov New Development Bank ESG负责人 

    Roman Novozhilov博士是金砖银行ESG上海负责人。他于2017年加入金砖银行,建立其ESG实践。在目前的岗位上,他领导着一个ESG专家团队,负责开发ESG投资机会和降低世行项目中的风险。在加入金砖银行之前,Novozhilov博士在国际金融公司(IFC)领导基础设施、自然资源和农业部门的ESG投资。罗曼拥有美国大学(华盛顿特区)博士学位、中欧大学(布达佩斯)硕士学位和圣彼得堡国立大学(俄罗斯)学士学位。

    Dr. Roman Novozhilov is the Head of ESG at the New Development Bank based in Shanghai. He joined NDB in 2017 to establish its ESG practice. In his current role, he leads the team of ESG professionals responsible for developing ESG investment opportunities and mitigating risks in the Bank’s projects. Prior to joining NDB, Dr. Novozhilov was leading ESG investments at International Finance Corporation (IFC) in infrastructure, natural resources and agriculture sectors. Roman holds a Ph.D. from American University (Washington D.C.), M.A. from Central European University (Budapest), and B.A. from St. Petersburg State University (Russia).